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the most user friendly, non-custodial blockchain agnostic wallet

OVO is the world’s first wallet to fully utilize the power of ENS by enabling users to send and receive their tokens across multiple blockchains, ranging from Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, PolkaDot, and Binance Smart Chain, on a single address. Furthermore, we also enable cross-blockchain swaps, solving one of the biggest frictions in blockchain today.
why use OVO

Decentralized finance is a cluttered experience

The convenience offered by centralized exchanges and wallets comes at a steep cost – an increased risk of losing your assets to a hacking attempt. Furthermore, the lengthy KYC and identification procedures expose your personal details. OVO reduces the friction of using non-custodial wallets and decentralized finance greatly, by offering a true blockchain agnostic experience.
how does it work?

the first-ever wallet to give you one identity for all blockchains

Create a wallet, receive a seed phrase, select a creative username for your assets, and we will handle the rest. For each blockchain you use, OVO will initiate a wallet for that blockchain under your OVO username, allowing you to receive or send tokens seamlessly.
agnosticism by design

ENS x Ethereum

In technical language, we use the power of Ethereum Naming Service to give a user-friendly experience for the mainstream users of blockchain. Since each wallet address initiation on ENS costs high.


OVO – Token

OVO Token - the currency for all tokens.

Interacting with a lot of blockchains comes with its own hurdles – a native currency needs to be present that can settle transactions between these blockchains. With OVO token, these all blockchain transactions will be settled using a single medium of transfer. Additionally, OVO token will be backed by OVO’s profits. 

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